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You can tell us how often you want to get the push notifications, and when. Video Transcript. We're back now with "Gma investigates" looking into secret apps that give someone the ability to track every text you send, every photo you take, even listen in on your phone calls. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis here with more on these spy apps. As you said this is creepy stuff. It is so creepy, George. I wouldn't even believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. We got an up close look at these apps which senator Al Franken calls unconscionable stalking apps. He says they let people track others in complete secrecy and found firsthand exactly what he means.

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In this scene from the popular show about hacking Mr. Robot, you see a character secretly install tracking software on someone else's phone and we found if you allow someone to access your phone, it could happen to you. I don't know if when I'm sending an e-mail he is Reading it.

Reporter: This woman tracked her, she says, by installing a spy app on her phone. Or if I make a phone call if he can hear what I say. Reporter: Brian hill a former police detective and digital forensics expert is about to show us how quickly and easily it can happen. We focus on two apps, mspy and flexispy neither available at the apple store or on Google play, only through the company's websites. Both apps are marketed primarily as a way for people to monitor their children or employees.

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While there may be legitimate reasons and ways to do that, critics say these apps go. Brian shows how just a thin excuse could get a phone out of a target's hands.

So I don't get any service on my phone here. Do you mind, I need to look up a few things. Reporter: It takes him a little over two minutes to install mspy on our android phone. Then I take a walk, the phone with me.

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During that time hill seeing my every move. So back from my walk and what did you get? I got just about everything that you can imagine.

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