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No biggie.

Only this time I misplaced them for an entire week. I started to think about the amount of time I spend looking for misplaced objects. My cellphone, keys, the remote for the TV, the glasses and sometimes even my car. With all of the technology around, there has to be better methods to find these things. The good news is that many of them work. The bad news is that many don't work all that well.

For many of us our cellphones and smartphones have become an essential lifeline to stay in touch with the world and often to store critical data such as contacts and calendars. Unfortunately they are easy to lose, forget or misplace. There are several technologies to help. Zomm is a described as a wireless leash. It's the size of a key fob and works with your cellphone's Bluetooth transmitter.

If you walk out of your house or your office and leave the phone more than thirty feet behind, the Zomm starts vibrating, then flashes and sounds an alarm. The Zomm also serves as a speakerphone and has a panic button to make an emergency call. Finally, if you lose the Zomm, you can reverse the process and use your phone to find it. Next: Apps for finding your smartphone.

Find a lost or stolen phone

Some require you to call your phone from a computer. Some want you to text your phone from another cellphone. Some will send back the location of your phone.

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Others will let you remotely reset the ringer from silent to ring. And still others will let you remotely disable the phone and even wipe out its data.

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Apple's iPhone4 includes one of my favorites for free, "FindMyPhone. And yes, I've had to use it myself.

Of course, if you lose it in the house, you call always just pick up another phone and call the missing cell. It's easy to attach a small electronic key fob to your keys.

For you else it is organized so that you can skim in advance and locate the material you need gathered in a single. I covers the top items in this short article and also for equally location it is easy to click the glowing blue urls to check out an even more in depth justification.

The hyperlinks will wide open an innovative new site which includes a even more in-degree look at every single issue. At first glance cellular telephone spy software system can be extremely difficult to understand.

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There is lots of info taking in: sow how does it get the job done, what handsets are suitable, exactlty what can you watch. Then you discover provisions like Jailbreaking and Rooting it would possibly become challenging. Your second issue is determing the best solution from the good agency. Sadly this industry happens to be focused by some greedy specialists including software which fails to employment. There are many of scams across and you really need to take care what we pick up. Quite often these companies look valid within the untrained eyes, nonetheless they will in simple terms need your hard earned dollar and function.

Another issue is learning to operate using the software application effectivy and get the most from it. Any services or products on this web site that I advocate, I had certified and in many cases keep these things once and for all set up on my own mobile devices. The benefits of each of these new phone-location products depend on the problem the user is trying to solve, Enderle said. Since Bringrr plugs into a cigarette lighter or power port, it works best for people who drive frequently.

The small gadget pairs with your cell phone so that when you start your car, it starts searching for your phone's Bluetooth signal. If Bringrr detects it, it makes a short, "reassuring" noise and emits a blue light. It's a setup that works for Enderle, who says he almost never misplaces his phone but often forgets to bring it with him. A category of Bluetooth-enabled "phone leashes" can help users keep tabs on their phones.

Zomm on Shark Tank

One, called Phone Halo, combines Bluetooth and GPS technology to keep your phone or other items, including chargers, in a designated range. It can also track misplaced items to help you find them. On vibrate, it can be a real problem," said Enderle. Users attach ZOMM to their key chains, and the device alerts them if their phone gets too far away from their present location. Bringrr's Logan says the key chain alerts can result in "false alarms," such as when you leave your keys in your jacket pocket while carrying your phone with you to a meeting.